The Pezinok Run - 7th annual race

15. september 2018 | agency, region

The buckle up team showed off their new T-shirts at the Pezinok Run, where we reached the bottom of our strength again. Now would be the right time to finally wash them.

The Pezinok Run - the 7th annual race - digital agency buckle up

There is a Slovak saying that goes like this... A dog is not for bacon, nor will you get ram meat by slaying a wolf. Quite outdated, but that is how we felt. Oops, we actually meant the one about how beginning is always the hardest part of doing something. Writing about sayings, another comes to mind... Sport is healthy for the body. How come? Our bodies said something completely different the next day.

Well, we're exaggerating a bit. And yes, we will definitely run again next year.