Digital agency

buckle up is a digital agency that infuses serious projects with a dose of fun. We connect individuals with years of experiences in graphic design and online technologies. Recently we celebrated ten years of our existence and so far, we've had 3 house-warmings in new premises, won some interesting clients and carried out many domestic and international projects in over 40 countries all around the world.

digital agency buckle up

What makes us different

Compared to other digital agencies, our fast and professional account management is our biggest advantage. Before starting our own agency, we used to be programmers. After various experiences with other agencies, we knew we wanted to do things differently, whether in the way of building a meaningful relationship with the client, offering quality output, task delegation and management or focusing on sustainable and motivating work environment.

We understand the tech and time your project requires, what your technological options are and we can recommend the most suitable solution. All of that almost immediately, no less, since we need to consult our team no further. We're not afraid to experiment and we're up to date on all the newest trends and tech. We don't plan to make guinea pigs out of your projects, though.

Our 100% output is another thing that makes us different. Whether it comes to design or content, we place a great emphasis on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). We automatically include high resolution screen optimization (Retina) and mobile device optimization (responsive design). Another advantage is our excellent, long-standing understanding of pharmaceutics that has become a specialization in its own right. We have been working in this field since our start and have cooperated with six global pharmaceutical companies so far.

What we excel at

web / internet

  • concept and structure
  • graphic design
  • custom programming
  • animations (Flash / CSS3 / javascript)


  • iOS application development
  • Android application development
  • responsive design
  • Veeva iRep eDetail development

corporate identity

  • logo
  • branding
  • design manual
  • business cards / brochures / leaflets


Our clients

Our location

We are located in Pezinok, which was awarded as the best town for business in 2009. However, rather than for its entrepreneurial spirit, the town is more famous for the exceptional wine production and regular events including the Pezinok Vinobranie festival of wine, Deň otvorených pivníc (Open Cellars Day), the popular Small Carpathian Wine Route or the Pezinok Run through vineyards of which we are a proud partner.

Mentioning the location of our company is important for us, as we see regional support as an inseparable part of our work. We realize the importance of mutual support within local businesses and appreciate passionate individuals willing to make a change, and contribute with innovative ideas, potentially beneficial for the region. So far, we have supported several inspiring projects.