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We're well aware how important it is to get to know a digital agency before you send us your completely non-generic cover letters and rich portfolios that are sure to tug at our heartstrings. Who are we, then? Our success completely rests on the shoulders of our expert team. It might come off as a platitude, but our strength lies in our values. Honesty, fairness, equality, sustainability - all the makings of a world we would like to live in.

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Our values and philosophy

We are a constantly expanding agency and always looking for new talent, but not at any price

We are trying not to rush our growth, even though the pressure to start new projects can be tough.  It would be easy to just go with the flow and get on the "growth train", but we prefer to run a stable and sustainable business rather than see our shining star fade away as quickly as it took off.

We don't avoid paying taxes and employing our team members

It is only fair that we pay our share, all digital and advertising agencies included. That's one of the reasons we managed to meet the criteria to enter Technology Fast 50 Central Europe, a  competition organized by Deloitte. We offer stable and motivating employment, no fine print.

We don't work for the government and don't enter suspicious tenders

If the government sets transparent tender rules and provides professional project execution and monitoring standards while at the same time really aims at wiping out any unfair treatment and corruption, we'll be happy to enter. Above all, we honour social responsibility.

We're tech geeks and love bold ideas

We never settle for the average! Our output is always over 100%. We place the biggest emphasis on detail. We're not afraid to experiment with new tech and approaches. We're open to new ideas, even the crazy ones. :-)

We work hard, learn new things and still remember to have fun

We work hard and party even harder. We try to bring a little bit of fun into every project. We take our work seriously, though! We're pretty sure our success rests on the shoulders of our expert team thanks to our seamless cooperation, the accessibility to new tech, and our agency being open in every sense of the word.

We strive for a healthy work-life balance

We may work hard, but we don't forget about our private lives by any means. Moreover, we create informal working environment and actively support engagement of our employees.

We prize individuality without any limitations

We love everybody just the same, regardless of their gender, skin colour, ethnicity, religion, age or sexual orientation. Even though this all goes without saying, nowaday's still as good a time as any to remind each other of these values. Wear your favourite T-shirt, skirt, shorts – we don't even have a dress code. Variety enriches us all. Suppresion of one's individuality in any way is completely off-limits to us.

We support continuing education

Since we work in an ever-evolving field, we must keep up with state-of-the-art technologies and our clients' demands. We organise in-house trainings and programming workshops, English language lessons twice a week, offer online courses and attend various conferences.

We trust each other implicitly

Full stop. No buts. :-)

What tech we use

We grew up using the Internet and its technologies and learnt all of their pros and cons, and that's why we can find a unique solution for every project. Mastery of the basics and Internet Standards is one of the cornerstones, since all complex puzzles are comprised of a multitude of smaller pieces.


  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Vue.js / Gulp


  • PHP / lithium or Laravel framework
  • MySQL or PostreSQL database
  • Composer / Git / GitHub / Bitbucket


  • Coda / PHPStorm
  • Toggl / Slack / JIRA
  • Internal Wiki library

What to expect of our team

  • Jakub


    will mentor your work and teach you not to take yourself too seriously

  • Lukáš


    will answer the important project questions of who? what? how? when? why that fast?

  • Marián


    will slice the unsliceable in record time, twice

  • Filip


    PHP is his native tongue, having mastered recursion and algorithms at the age of three

  • Richard


    creates designs that will make even the toughest frontend developer sweat buckets

  • Mário


    will test your mental tenacity and slice any HTML .. with a bang

  • Luky


    will advise you on design, frontend, running and folk jokes

  • July


    multitasking is her middle name... she manages things both internally and internationally

  • Števo


    more than full-time frontend creator, proud dad, can be funny (occasionally only)

  • Robo


    the most ripped encoder in our agency, in terms of both body and soul

  • Martin


    Slovak Bear Grylls, loves nature and won't get lost in the waters of Drupal

  • Dušan


    since he started working for us during the pandemic, we have been waiting for him to reveal his (true) face

  • YOU could be right here

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