Partnerships agency of Veeva iRep Platform

28. apríl 2015 | technology, agency

Our agency has been participating in a partnership program of Veeva Systems for over two and a half years. Within this platform, we created several digital presentations of products by our partnership pharmaceutical companies Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Lundbeck Slovakia. We are glad that the tender for Novartis Slovakia has introduced a new client into our portfolio.

Partnerships agency of Veeva iRep Platform

Veeva CRM and Veeva iRep

The Veeva Systems develops cloud solutions for the segment of life sciences including biology, zoology, botany, biochemistry, etc. These solutions include different types of products, such as the Veeva CRM, Veeva Vault, Veeva Approved E-mail, or the Veeva iRep, which is our major project within the partnership.

Veeva iRep combines CRM (customer relationship management) with CLM (closed loop marketing), using iPad devices. Although many people are familiar with the acronym CRM, much fewer of them understand the meaning of CLM. Closed loop marketing is a marketing type that relies on sales data and feedback. The closing of this "loop" means the sales data are interpreted by the marketing department in real time, allowing them to assess and possibly adjust the ongoing campaign.

Veeva iRep platform is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, the app allows the pharmaceutical representatives to present the particular products to medical specialists conveniently on iPads and evaluate these presentations in real time. Then, the product managers can assess the results of the presentations accurately, and get feedback including key information for specialists, or potentially beneficial information determining future adjustments.

Ways of creating presentations

Veeva iRep allows the users to create the presentations in different ways. Depending on different possibilities of the clients and their configuration of the Veeva CRM system, which is fully scalable and adaptable to individual conditions and needs, we cover the entire process of presentation development from idea proposal to initiating production for representatives.

Most often, we provide complex production of the presentations including graphic design, programming with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, as well as the use of the Veeva iRep application programming interface. The last step of the process is to set up and upload the presentation into the Veeva CRM sandbox, where the representatives can find it for production.

However, the presentation options are much wider. Sometimes, the graphic design is handled by other digital agency of graphic studio. Other times, the client provides a presentation created by a parent company in the form of the so-called master file to be implemented in the local versions of the presentations. In such case, we implement localization with possible edits in the existing slides of the master file or create new presentation slides following the design manual for the particular product.

Are you using Veeva iRep?

So far, we have prepared over 200 presentations using the Veeva iRep platform and implemented localizations for 24 languages. Currently, we are cooperating with four pharmaceutical companies, providing technical support for the entire European region. We would be happy to utilize our experience in working with you. Based on your specifications, we will draw up an offer and introduce you to other services we provide in this field.