Takeda Pharmaceuticals - Veeva iRep presentations and mobile application

jún 2016 | Takeda Pharmaceuticals Czech Republic s.r.o.

We still enjoy our tablets :-) Therefore we've gladly taken care of creating mobile presentations and applications for pharmaceutical representatives of the Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company for five European countries.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals - Veeva iRep presentations and mobile application

Veeva iRep presentations

The Veeva iRep framework lets pharmaceutical representatives create simple products presentation, for example on iPads, for doctors and specialists, and assess these digital multimedia presentations immediately in real time. Read our article on the Veeva iRep Partnership Program for more details.

For Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company, we prepared two multimedia presentations on the medical products to treat the Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Subsequently, we localized both presentations into five different languages, namely Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Croatian. The programming for this platform runs in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Mobile app in Adobe AIR

Based on the requirements of the client, we created a simple calculator for dosing the anti-cancer drug Adcetris that treats Hodgkin's lymphoma and anaplastic large-cell lymphoma.

After analyzing the project, we suggested developing the mobile app with Adobe AIR, which enables simultaneous export of the app for both iOS and Android. This solution helps cut the development costs significantly because it does not require programming in different native languages for individual operating systems. Learn more about this technology in our article on developing mobile apps in Adobe AIR.

our work

  • concept and structure
  • graphic design
  • iOS application development
  • Android application development
  • Veeva iRep eDetail development