september 2019 | MAS Solutions GmbH

Suricate is 30 cm tall and weighs 700 g. Their chest and limbs are yellow, the head is white and the neck is light yellow. The fur around their eyes, their claws and ears are black. They have an orange tail. They feed mainly on insects, but also eat small mammals, eggs, reptiles, plants and fungi. They live in South Africa.

Suricates - digital agency buckle up

We met Mathias, CEO of MAS Solutions GmbH, when he was working in a pharmaceutical company. Our mutual cooperation on several projects was extraordinarily smooth always leading to satisfaction on both sides. Therefore, we are very happy that our paths crossed again and we started cooperating with his new company.

Based on his experience and analysis of customer needs, he came up with his own product for evidence and delegation of tasks designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Technological tweaks

Vue.js in conjunction with the Laravel framework as an API (Application Programming Interface) is the real deal. We used MariaDB as a database and speeded up indexing and searching using ElasticSearch. The application is of course fully responsive and retina optimized.

Those who are not familiar with Vue.js will cetainly remember React.js or Angular. It is also one of the reactive frameworks and we have been most interested in its syntax and range of functions. In combination with the Laravel PHP framework, it is quite a delicacy.

our work

  • wireframes and specifications
  • graphic design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • optimization for mobile devices
  • progressive Vue.js application
  • API in Laravel framework