Štúr's Trek

apríl 2015 | MUFLON KROS o.z.

In the event of the jubilee year of Ľudovít Štúr, the Muflon Kros Civic Association organized a running event for children, youth and adults in the center of Modra. The participants got to choose from various routs, each leading to different architectural sites of Modra to forest paths outside the city.

Štúr's Trek - Website for a running event

Partnership project

Being the runner enthusiasts willing to support regional development, we decided to partner with the running event. We designed different print material, as well as the event website featuring runner sign up form and starting list. The website is administered via the content management system, containing a list of all participation runners with export to CSV format.
This time, however, we will not be participating in the run, as we will be taking care of timekeeping using Swoopie – our brand new time measurement system.

Regional support

The Muflon Kros Civic Association also pays attention to supporting the region. The logo of the event was designed by Pavel Šima Juríček, artist and pedagogue living in Nitra. Furthermore, every participant received a medal by ceramist Marián Liška, who designed them for the Muflon Kros running event held this autumn.

“If you want to change the status of things you're in, you must trust yourself above everyone else, for you're the only one who is admitted to enter the deepest bottom of your heart, feelings and thinking. Are you prepared to constantly doubt your persistence and bear any unfavorable circumstances that might cross your path along the way?” (Ľudovít Štúr)

our work

  • graphic design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • CMS / administration
  • prints (leaflets)