Roche Events App

august 2018 | Roche Austria GmbH

Our aim is always to submit a digital project developed to the smallest detail. If the client is satisfied, they will be happy to recommend us further. In this way, Roche in Slovakia learned about us, and later also in Austria, from where they have contacted to us to develop a mobile app enabling administration of events and congresses for physicians.

Roche Events App - mobile application for iOS and Android

Events, meetings, congresses

In this case, the client had a clear idea of ​​what the app should look like. It was up to us to draw the detailed design usable for development and prepare an administration system for managing the whole content (Content Management System). All types of events, administration users and physicians can be managed in the administration system. You can enter new destinations, upload pictures and assign team members who have collaborated in organizing the event. In addition to the mobile application, we also prepared a classic desktop version.

Technologies used in development

We developed the mobile application itself in the Adobe AIR environment. The code is thus created simultaneously for both dominant platforms in the mobile device market - iOS and Android. This saves resources and development costs. Among the native features, we used, for example, automatic insertion of events into the calendar of the mobile device or local notifications. We were also given the opportunity to try the connection to the service providing up-to-date flight information via the FlightStats API. The application will notify the physician of a delay or change in a flight (for example, the departure gate). We like all the comfort, usability and details. :-)

our work

  • iOS application development
  • Android application development
  • publishing support
  • CMS / content administration
  • desktop version of the application