Online Translation Tool

november 2013 | Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

For the company Boehringer Ingelheim RCV, we prepared a solution to manage all iPad presentations for pharmaceutical representatives. Our Online Translation Tool translated these presentations and then exports them to a format compatible with the CLM Veeva iRep system.

Online Translation Tool - Translation of the Veeva iRep presentations

Custom solution

Versatile localization tool with these features:

  • administration of countries and languages
  • administration of users and their rights
  • administration of presentation/app localization
  • viewing of presentation/app in a tree diagram
  • translation and live preview of presentation/app slides
  • export of presentation/app into the Veeva iRep environment

The tool is currently used by almost 100 users, who translate presentations/apps into 24 different languages, averaging about 200 localized apps for every 15 translated presentations. We provide technical support for all users and countries, as well as system configuration in the administration interface Veeva.

What is Veeva iRep?

Veeva iRep combines CRM (customer relationship management) and CLM (closed loop marketing) with iPad, enabling pharmaceutical representatives to conveniently present products to medical specialists and subsequently evaluate these presentations. This system requires the presentations to be customized and configured in its administration interface.

Our participation in the Veeva partnership program enables us to create presentations/apps in this system.

our work

  • CMS / administration
  • support / helpdesk