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Meal vouchers are finished. Generate a transfer order to send your statutory financial contribution for meals to your employees without unnecessary administration.

Obedátor - financial contribution for meals

Meal vouchers or financial contribution?

Starting from 1st March 2021, in Slovakia the employer can give employees the choice of whether they want to continue to receive the statutory meal allowance in the form of meal vouchers or in the form of a financial contribution.

Of course, it is more cost efficient for the employer to send the financial contribution for meals directly to the bank accounts of the employees. The financial contribution is undoubtedly more advantageous for employees, too, because they are not limited by meal vouchers.

We decided with great enthusiasm to implement this change as soon as possible, but we encountered the problem of how to prepare the transfer of the financial contribution for meals as easily as possible so that:

  • the employees already had the money in their accounts at the time they were to spend it for lunch, and therefore no later than on the first day of the respective month;
  • we would not have to enter the individual data for the bank transfer request form every month.

Our own product solution will facilitate the administration

That's why we came up with Obedátor a.k.a. Lunchator. And you can use it for free!

Obedátor will generate a SEPA payment order easily and quickly, because that is exactly how you can send your employees the statutory financial contribution for meals.

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