Naj Pečenie

jún 2013 | PALMA, a.s.

Best Baking is a site for all those who are equally into baking and enjoying creamy desserts, rolls, birthday cakes, fruit cakes, grandma's sweet pastry, or even salty treats. If you are, by any chance, not thrilled by baking, non-baked desserts will surely please your taste buds. Or do you just want to bake the perfect cake? Jozefína Záukolcová will be glad to guide you through the process step by step in her baking school. Furthermore, you will learn how to best use the fats Palmarin, Helia, and Cera.

Naj Pečenie - web community portal

Community portal

Together with our client PALMA, we created a portal connecting a unique community of housewives, giving them a possibility to obtain different levels of expertise and badges in the form of stirring spoons. The members of the community can upload their recipes, rate recipes of different members, participate in contests, make friends with other members via Facebook, and create their cookbooks and export them as PDF documents with an option to have them printed as books by the company CEWE.

Thanks to this project, we encountered with up-to-date technologies and methods such as the preparation of the perfect sponge cake, vanilla cream, or sourdough. Those who have the necessary skills surely understand what we mean. Without minimum culinary skills and maximum persistence, we would surely fail hard.

Technological features

To improve the browsing experience (mainly paging) through the portal, we used animations with AJAX requests. The content management system lets the user administer the entire community, moderate tips and comments or approve new recipes or cakes in the cakery. Other noteworthy technological features include import of all recipes, ingredients and photos from the previous version of the portal.

This portal also implements microdata for a more detailed indexation and data comprehension. Based on the given microdata, the search results show satisfactory information about the recipes including rating, preparation time, and images.

our work

  • concept and structure
  • graphic design
  • mobile optimization
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • CMS / administration
  • community and motivation system