Bupi Little Frog competition

december 2018 | PALMA, a.s.

Who wouldn't want to have a new playground right in their backyard? Therefore, we were a little disappointed that our client PALMA only allowed for kindergartens to participate in their competition. Nevertheless, we were happy to help and create this delightful competition microsite.

Bupi Little Frog competition - microsite for Palma

Responsive competition microsite

The design of the site was based on the current children's skin and hair product line Bupi. When creating the design, we focused on making the microsite playful, but at the same time clearly structured and easy to use... so that kindergartens could upload all the necessary data themselves and create a simple photo gallery.

As has long been the standard, the website is fully responsive. However, you may not have known that during development our digital agency does not use any front-end frameworks, such as bootstrap, but we slice pages by hand and step by step. That's why the websites we create always adapt and look perfectly nevermind the screen width of your device.

Voting and data analysis

We have become accustomed to the fact that in every online competition, someone tries to influence the results of the vote fraudulently. Simple or more complex techniques are used. After all, trophies from old flash games are still collecting dust on our shelves. ;) Therefore, if the client asks us to do so, we can analyze the collected data and detect the fraudsters. We can't help but greet a family from Prešov, proud owners of more than 100 different email addresses.

our work

  • structure
  • graphic design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 slicing
  • optimization for mobile devices
  • back-end with registration and voting
  • analysis of voting data