Bratislava Boys Choir

september 2015 | Bratislava Boys Choir

The Bratislava Boys Choir lead by Magdaléna Rovňáková has celebrated several successes, including first places in competitions held in the US, Russia, or Italy. The choir has also recorded seven albums, participated in TV films, and cooperated with international television companies including Hallmark or Miramax.

Bratislava Boys Choir - responsive website

We've been supporting the successful and internationally renowned Bratislava Boys Choir for quite some time now. In comparison with its predecessor that used flash technology, the updated version of the choir's website is based on HTML technology. The modern design features a responsive version of the website, optimization for high-resolution screens (Retina), and subtle CSS3 and JavaScript animations.

Technological features

A welcomed addition to the page is streaming YouTube videos on background through the YouTube API. Also, do not forget to listen to snippets from the albums of the choir.

The navigation through the site does not require reloading thanks to the HTML5 History and AJAX technologies, which enabled us to use animated transitions between the pages.

our work

  • concept and structure
  • graphic design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • Youtube API implementation
  • mobile optimization
  • CMS / administration