Boehringer Ingelheim – Product websites

september 2016 | Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

Especially in the flu season the latest information about products such as inflammatory sprays, tablets and lozenges certainly pleases. In case of more severe diseases basic information about the illness and methods of treatment will help the patients. Professional public will find the latest studies, procedures and products available on the market. Our digital agency is already involved in 30 countries worldwide, where Boehringer Ingelheim products are available.

Boehringer Ingelheim – Product websites

Digital Production House

Last year our long-time client Boehringer Ingelheim chose a few digital agencies worldwide, which ensure support in creation of Veeva/iRep presentations, Veeva CRM Approved Emails, product websites, landing pages or mobile apps for countries in which it operates.

We are very pleased that they chose us, otherwise we would not be writing about this :-) Today we account for creation of digital materials for 30 countries worldwide. Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Romania, Japan, and Israel – we visited them all. At least digitally.

Product websites for Mucoangin, Mucosolvan, Antistax, Buscopan, Phramaton, are all part of our portfolio. However we won’t get to more, because they are meant for professional public. This includes inoncology website, website and others.